Shine your Sparkle
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Experience your AHA moments with Authentic Transcendence- born with a mission to ignite your passion, discover your life purpose & bring out the brilliance in you. It is designed to potentially kickstart your breakthrough & complete a lasting transformation in you & your life. Design your life & Create your miracles. You'll find experiential workshop that provides optimal balance of classroom style learning with reflective games, mindfulness & breathing techniques, writing & interactive exercises and more. Who is this for? For you who resonates with these:

ALIGN your mind, heart & soul. ACTIVATE your inner power & charisma. ACHIEVE total confidence, self-esteem, inner peace and balance.

Note: This is only for those who can't wait to bring their life to the next level!

Join us a member and come to our exclusive workshop. If you have any query or suggestion or collaborative ideas, do feel free to message the organizer, Elies Hadi at